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Our Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I pay my Parking Charge Notice?
The quickest and safest way to pay your PCN is by using our secure online portal. Alternatively you can send us a cheque or Postal Order made out to “Park & Control (UK) Ltd”

Please send your cheque or Postal Order to:
Park & Control
PO Box 1228

Please ensure you have your Parking Charge Notice number and your vehicle registration number at hand. Please include a stamped addressed envelope if you require a receipt of payment. Please do not send cash in the post as it cannot be accepted.
2How do I appeal/challenge my Parking Charge Notice?
All appeals and representations must be made in writing, we cannot accept appeals by phone or email. All appeals against your Parking Charge Notice MUST be made either through our secure online portal

Or alternatively, in writing at the address below within 28 days of the date of issue. Appeals should be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of parking.

Please provide the Parking Charge Notice reference number and your vehicle registration with your appeal. Please send your appeal to:
Park & Control
PO Box 1228

Please note that paying for a notice is deemed an admission of liability, and you will no longer be entitled to appeal the notice.
3What happens if my appeal to my Parking Charge Notice is rejected?
Should you remain dissatisfied with our decision, you have the option to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), information on how to use this service will be provided within our response correspondence. Detail of the IAS is available at
4What payment methods are available within the car parks?
Many of our car parks have cash and cashless payment terminals to allow payment. We also offer a more convenient way to pay for your parking via our automated telephone line or by registering for our APCOA Connect app compatible with mobiles, tablets and Smart phones. APCOA Connect offers a number of smarter ways to pay such as Late pay options. Google Play and App Store links can be found within our footer below.
5Can I park my motorcycle or push bike in a Park & Control car park?
Many of our car parks provide parking facilities for motorbikes or push bikes. However, you should check on the Terms & Conditions board within the car park for local arrangements.
6Does Park & Control (UK) Ltd have a Customer Complaints Policy and Procedure?
If you are not satisfied with the service level that you have received, you can write to our UK Customer Complaints team who will deal with your enquiry. Please click here to download a copy of our Customer Complaints Policy and Procedure.
7Does Park & Control have a Health and Safety and Environmental policy?
Yes as a part of the APCOA Group of companies the following policies apply, please click here to download a copy of APCOA’s Health and Safety policy and APCOA’s Environmental policy.
8My question isn't covered here. What should I do now?
This list of FAQs is provided to assist customers with the most common queries. For other queries please log on to our live chat and one of our team will be delighted to assist you.