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Sustainable Parking

Transform Your Parking Spaces into Sustainable Hubs for the Community

Park & Control

You car park becomes a community hub

At Park & Control, we're committed to community values and environmental consciousness. We believe that car parks can do more than just park cars - they can become spaces that foster community interaction and sustainability.

Our solutions are designed for schools, business parks, trading estates, or city centre car parks that prioritise sustainability and community engagement.

The Challenge

The challenge is to foster community interaction, sustainability, and achieve Net Zero Carbon goals through innovative parking solutions.

The Solution

Our Urban Mobility Hubs offer EV charging points, convenient payment options, package delivery lockers, and more. We're on track to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2040 and install 10,000 charging points in the UK by 2025.

Smarter Parking

The results? Sustainable, community-oriented spaces, EV charging infrastructure, and support for sustainability goals. Together, we can foster community engagement and create a brighter, greener future.