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Enhancing Member Experiences with Hassle-Free Parking

Do you run a gym or leisure centre?

Managers of gyms or leisure centres understand the importance of a seamless parking experience for their members and visitors. Imagine a mother rushing to a yoga class, already stressed from her day. A smooth parking experience sets a positive tone for her workout, preventing initial stress or frustration. Partnering with Park & Control ensures this ease, allowing you to prioritise wellness, memberships, and enhancing your members' experience.

We recognise the critical role you play in ensuring that parking facilities run efficiently. Our commitment at Park & Control aligns with yours in creating a secure and welcoming environment for your patrons.

Maybe your work involves managing parking arrangements, ticket sales, and related logistics. As experts in parking solutions, we appreciate the challenges you face in optimising parking resources while offering convenience to members. Our partnership can ease this burden, ensuring that every parking experience at your sports and leisure centre is smooth and stress-free.

Flexibility in your work hours is essential, including early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Park & Control understands that you may need to address parking-related issues during special events, emergencies, or staff absences. We're here to support you, ensuring that parking facilities operate seamlessly at all times.

In your role, you may also need to work closely with local authorities and promote the centre to external organisations. Our expertise in managing parking partnerships, particularly in the areal of local, can streamline these efforts, further enhancing the parking experience for your members and visitors.

At Park & Control, we're committed to being your reliable partner in managing parking issues. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to ensure that every individual's journey to your leisure centre begins with hassle-free parking, setting a positive tone for their overall experience. Together, we'll continue to prioritise wellness and enhance the overall satisfaction of your members and visitors through exceptional parking services.

Big Shots Golf

Big Shots Golf in London faced the challenge of unauthorised car parking on its premises, which affected its business. To solve the issue and improve customer satisfaction, Park & Control implemented an ANPR system. Customers could self-issue digital permits, exempting them from any parking charge and validating their parking experience. The collaborative approach led to a significant reduction in unauthorised car parking and increased revenue from parking fees.