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Simplify Your Parking Experience for a Productive Work Environment

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Simplify Your Parking Experience for a Productive Work Environment

Imagine a workplace where your employees no longer worry about finding parking spaces but can focus solely on driving your business forward. Picture clients and VIPs arriving for an onsite meeting stress-free and ready to do business. Envision a seamless parking experience that ensures a crucial pick-up or delivery takes place without unnecessary delay. At Park & Control, we recognise the critical importance of a seamless parking experience, especially in fast-paced environments.

Where a crucial pick-up or delivery can take place without unnecessary delay. At Park & Control, we recognise the critical importance of a seamless parking experience, especially in fast-paced environments.

A solution for hassle-free parking

Our seamless parking solutions cater to businesses across various industries, including bustling business parks, busy retail centres, and vital medical surgeries. The challenge we address is providing a hassle-free parking experience that allows employees to focus on their work without the stress of finding parking.

Systems that work for you

Our comprehensive approach combines advanced ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, utilising APCOA Parkway, with innovative permit systems, alongside, where appropriate, physical barriers, and dedicated enforcement officers. This combination ensures not just easy parking but a complete transformation of the parking experience on your premises.

Results that Speak Volumes

The results speak volumes - a streamlined parking experience that eliminates stress, increased employee productivity, and a renewed focus on driving business growth.

Our ANPR technology is at the forefront of reshaping the entire parking experience, ensuring parking becomes effortless.

Enhancing Efficiency and Security

Why we prefer to use ANPR

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology is our chosen method for car park management. While ANPR isn’t right for every car park, it has the power to significantly enhance both the efficiency and security of car park operations. Park & Control achieves this by leveraging advanced technology, through a series of strategic strategies grounded in cutting-edge technology:

Strategic placement of ANPR cameras, thoughtfully positioned at entry and exit points, ensuring they capture clear and comprehensive images of vehicle licence plates, known as Vehicle Registration Marks, (or VRMs), or by mounting them on structures like columns or overhead beams, offering improved visibility throughout the car park. These cameras also extend their monitoring capabilities to include restricted areas and payment stations within the car park.

High-Resolution Number Plate Capture: As vehicles approach ANPR cameras, high-resolution image sensors are employed to capture detailed images of licence plates. To ensure absolute clarity, the camera captures multiple images of each plate. The captured image undergoes a sophisticated processing phase that utilises advanced algorithms to accurately locate and isolate the VRM region while eliminating any irrelevant details such as logos or decorations. ANPR cameras also incorporate built-in infrared illumination to manage low-light conditions and accommodate various VRM formats.

Data Processing Expertise: Following the successful capture of the VRM, the ANPR system engages in meticulous data processing. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms play a pivotal role in this stage by interpreting the alphanumeric characters on the VRM, converting them into machine-readable text. These recognised characters, combined with additional information such as entry and exit times, are meticulously recorded and stored within the system.

Number Plate Comparison & Recognition: The final piece of the puzzle is the comparison and recognition of VRMs. Here, the system matches the captured licence plate number against a comprehensive database of registered vehicles or lists of authorised/prohibited VRMs, depending on the system's intended purpose. Based on the results of this comparison, the ANPR system can trigger a variety of actions, including generating alerts for enforcement personnel or automatically issuing tickets for rule violations.

Implementation: ANPR as the Preferred Car Park Management Method

In practical terms, ANPR technology is the cornerstone of car park management, driven by its unwavering commitment to efficiency and security. Its innovative approach to car park operations, coupled with its ability to deliver valuable data insights, positions it as the preferred choice for managing car parks. This choice is underpinned by several compelling factors, including its high reliability, heightened security measures, and the ability to facilitate data-driven decision-making to enhance customer satisfaction and revenue generation.