Park & Control Case Studies

Our Latest Case Studies

Download our latest case studies to find out how we have helped other businesses and how this could be applied to improve your business.

Thames Lido

Thames Lido encountered a challenge with unauthorised car parking negatively impacting their business, so they partnered with Park & Control to implement a digital car park management solution. The system allowed for visitors to enjoy free parking for up to two hours and if their stay exceeded the grace period, they would be prompted to pay a tariff or receive a parking charge notice. Thanks to Park & Control, Thames Lido successfully resolved their challenge while prioritising customer experience.

The Jolly Farmers

The Jolly Farmers Public House in Purley, near Croydon, sought assistance from Park & Control UK to address the issue of unauthorised car parking. Through close collaboration, a successful solution was implemented that prioritised customer satisfaction and ease of use, resulting in a decrease in unauthorised parking and increased customer satisfaction.

Big Shots Golf

Big Shots Golf in London faced the challenge of unauthorised car parking on its premises, which affected its business. To solve the issue and improve customer satisfaction, Park & Control implemented an ANPR system. Customers could self-issue digital permits, exempting them from any parking charge and validating their parking experience. The collaborative approach led to a significant reduction in unauthorised car parking and increased revenue from parking fees. 

The Boston Manor Hotel

Boston Manor Hotel in West London looked to address unauthorised parking, causing revenue loss and frustration for the hotel. Park & Control identified the hotel's core values, collaborated closely with the General Manager, integrated ANPR cameras, and introduced Scan & Stay technology, empowering guests and staff, resulting in a significant reduction in unauthorised parking, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction.