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Tailored Car Parking Services for Hotel General Managers

Enhancing Member Experiences with Hassle-Free Parking

Are you the one charged with enhancing guest experiences at your hotel?

As a General Manager of a hotel, you understand the importance of providing a memorable and seamless experience for your guests from the moment they arrive. The first impression often begins in the hotel's parking area. At Park & Control, we recognise the significance of this moment and are dedicated to ensuring that parking is a seamless, stress-free component of your guests' overall stay.

Your role as a Hotel General Manager is multifaceted, requiring you to oversee every aspect of the hotel's operations, from guest satisfaction to staff management and financial performance. We understand that parking management is just one piece of the puzzle, but it plays a crucial role in creating a positive guest experience.

Imagine a traveller, anxious and tired, arriving at your hotel after a long journey, only to face the frustration of searching for a parking space or dealing with complicated parking procedures. With our parking solutions, you can ensure that every guest's arrival is met with convenience and efficiency, setting the tone for their entire stay.

Our commitment aligns with your dedication to providing exceptional service and maintaining the hotel's reputation for excellence. We take the responsibility of managing parking logistics off your plate, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of running a successful hotel.

In the hotel industry, attention to detail is paramount, and your ability to create a welcoming and comfortable environment is unmatched. We share this commitment to excellence in our approach to parking services. Whether it's optimising parking spaces, enhancing security, or providing value-add services, our goal is to make parking seamless and an integral part of your hotel's success story.

As a General Manager, you know that guest satisfaction is the ultimate goal; and the guest experience begins well before they enter the lobby. By partnering with Park & Control, you can extend your commitment to excellence to every aspect of their stay, ensuring that parking is a hassle-free and positive part of their journey.

Our promise is to manage parking with the same level of expertise and attention to detail that you apply to every aspect of your hotel's operation. Together, we can enhance the overall guest experience and maintain the hotel's reputation as a premier destination.

The Boston Manor Hotel

Boston Manor Hotel in West London looked to address unauthorised parking, causing revenue loss and frustration for the hotel. Park & Control identified the hotel's core values, collaborated closely with the General Manager, integrated ANPR cameras, and introduced Scan & Stay technology, empowering guests and staff, resulting in a significant reduction in unauthorised parking, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction.