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Revitalise Your Parking Spaces into Community Hubs with Urban Hubs

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You car park becomes a community hub

With our unique “Urban Hubs” product, we help transform underused car parks into vibrant community hubs. At Park & Control, we believe that parking spaces can do more than just house cars - they can become integral parts of the community.

Our solutions are tailored for owners of residential complexes, business parks, cinemas, museums, or cultural centres.

The Challenge

The challenge is to repurpose underused car parks and attract more visitors while creating multifunctional assets that enhance community engagement.

The Solution

Our “Urban Hubs” product partners with various services to repurpose parking areas, attracting more visitors and tenants, and enhancing community engagement.

The Benefits

The results? Attracting more visitors and tenants, creating multifunctional assets, and enhancing community engagement. We're making parking spaces valuable and vibrant, one Urban Hub at a time.