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APCOA Urban Hubs

The APCOA Urban Hubs infrastructure builds an ecosystem for tailor-made and connected services.

With our world-class solutions such as distribution EV Charging and distribution lockers, we can, literally, drive footfall to your business.

What is APCOA Urban Hubs?
  • Mobility – Enabling intermodal and multimodal shared journeys directly where people need it
  • Electrification – Providing connected charging services for EV, fleet and micro mobility
  • Logistics – Utilising urban locations as fulfilment centres for city logistics, storage & distribution
  • New Tech & Services – Integrating proximity and community services by combining our digital platform with Europe’s most dense physical infrastructure

Our Electrification Systems

As the largest Parking network in Europe, APCOA provides extensive, well-connected charging stations in central locations. Several thousand e-charging points have been installed and our infrastructure is designed to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles, fleet and micro mobility as well as the installation requirements for renewable energy.

Turning your business into a destination

At Park & Control, we are helping our customers transform their car parks into Urban Hubs by opening our digital and physical infrastructure from the mobility, logistics and energy industry. Doing so, we are creating a new urban ecosystem that serves urban dwellers, commuters and visitors alike and helps to improve quality of life in cities.

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Who we support through Urban Hubs


Your Business Serving the Community

Key technologies that will turn your car park into a destination

By introducing Urban Hubs, you are giving your customers and local community a reason to interact with your business, with services including:

  • E-charging stations
  • Locker boards for parcel pick up
  • Personal self-storage spaces
  • Urban logistic centres for last mile delivery
  • Ghost kitchens

All coupled to our ANPR car park solutions creating convenient and secure parking for patrons’ whist offering the opportunity to generate new lines of revenue through paid parking management.


How We Can Help With Urban Hubs


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On-going Support

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