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Leverage Parking Data for Business Growth and Efficiency

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Leverage Your Parking Data

In the age of data, understanding your customers is key to business growth. At Park & Control, we use advanced data analysis and monitoring technologies, including our powerful reporting tool, APCOA Analytics, to provide crucial insights into car park usage.

Our solutions cater to operators of retail parks, office buildings, universities, or schools, who seek to leverage data-driven insights for operational improvements and tailored services.

The challenge is to utilise data-driven insights for operational improvements,
marketing efforts, and efficient space utilisation.

Advance Car Park Analytics

We provide advanced data analysis and monitoring technologies to offer business intelligence and performance insights into car park operations and associated ancillary services. With APCOA Analytics, you gain visibility into revenue derived from physical and digital channels, occupancy, visit frequencies and durations, vehicle types, emissions band analysis, and revenue generated through managed Electric Vehicle Charging points.

The Benefits

The results? By harnessing APCOA Analytics, you'll experience a range of tangible benefits. These include enhanced facilities management, making your parking operation more efficient than ever. You'll optimise space utilisation, ensuring every inch of your premises serves its purpose effectively. Our tailored services not only streamline your processes but also foster business growth and overall efficiency.

Empowering Your Business

Additionally, APCOA Analytics empowers you with predictive forecasting, helping you anticipate future trends and demands. This means you can make informed decisions for tariff adjustments and pricing strategies, ultimately maximising your revenue potential. Our platform forms the bedrock for effective yield management, ensuring your tariffs are optimised to the fullest, resulting in revenue maximisation that contributes to your overall success.

Bespoke Reports & Visualisations

To Tell Your Data's Story

As part of our service offering, we create bespoke reports and visualisations as part of the Analytics package, delivering reporting measures to improve performance. These reports support intelligent business decision-making, such as emissions-based discounts and charging, electric vehicle charging point investment, and insight and strategy on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) measures.