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Turn Your Car Park into a Profit-Making Asset with Our Innovative Solutions

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Parking spaces hold untapped potential

At Park & Control, we specialise in helping landowners unlock this potential, making their operations more efficient and profitable.

Our solutions are designed for landowners with car parks close to beaches, open spaces and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), event venues, and hotels.

The Challenge

The challenge is clear - unlocking the revenue potential of parking spaces while providing seamless and convenient payment options.

The Solution

Our solution is to offer automated payment options, including kiosks, phone apps, and online pre-booking. Leveraging the power of APCOA Connect and ANPR Parkway, our solutions guarantee revenue generation from parking, seamless payment options, and optimised space utilisation.

The Benefits

The results? Revenue generation from parking, seamless payment options, guaranteed parking spots, and optimised space utilisation. We're transforming parking into a self-service, profitable asset that fuels the growth of your business operations.