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We help manage private residential parking to ensure a hassle-free experience

Are you looking for a company that can guarantee a hassle free parking experience for residents?

Have you ever experienced a private car park that always seems to be full?

Would you like a way in which to generate a hands-free revenue stream from your asset?

Our team of parking professionals can help deliver on your vision. With experience managing over 1,400 sites in the United Kingdom, we understand the specific needs of private and residential car parks. From managing the car park asset and ensuring safety is a priority, to implementing our industry-leading technology for your residents, guests or customers, Park & Control Limited have a suite of bespoke offerings for private car parks.

Why not add the additional benefit of electrification, or implement features such as Amazon delivery storage within your car park, for even more ebenefits to parkers within your private car park.

We recognise that the car park experience and reliability can have a serious impact on the life of private residential developments and car parks. We work directly with you and your asset development team in order to deliver he best parking solution in order to achieve your business targets through our easy, convenient parking systems, and uniquely tailored services and methods.

APCOA Connect, it's parking made simple for your guests

APCOA Connect is our easy way to manage permits and pay for parking.

Whether your guest is running late for a class, doesn't have cash for the pay machines or simply wants to extend their spa session and stay on in your leisure facility without returning to their vehicle, APCOA Connect provides a quick, convenient, and hassle-free payment solution - no cash, no ticket, no stress

Enforcement Made Effortless

Enforcement takes many forms in private car parks, but what we aim to do is make this feel as unintrusive as possible. Using some of our technology such as ANPR parkway and digital permits - we can ensure that parking spaces are kept available for the rightful motorist.

For clients looking for an additional layer of protection, manned patrols that go one step beyond can be made available, from helping residents carry shopping from their car, to ensuring blue badge and charging spaces are kept for their rightful users, we deliver parking with a smile.

Add value from the moment a member parks, with APCOA Urban Hubs

With our world-class Urban Hubs infrastructure, with value-add services such as distribution lockers and EV charging, we can, literally, drive footfall to your hotel and business.

Our Urban Hubs solutions improve mobility, champion electrification, integrate proximity and community services and turn your car park into a destination.

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"What I love most about Park & Control is how responsive they are to our requests, and how sensitive they are to our business needs. If we need a cancellation... it's done. If they notice a persistent unauthorised vehicle, they'll immediately check with us just in case we've left them off the exemption list by mistake. A really professional and experienced team"
— The Jolly Farmers, Purley

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