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Your customer experience begins the moment they park their car

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With customers being more selective with their in-person shopping choices, your customer experience has never been more important

Your guest experience begins the moment they park in your car park.

Consumers have become increasingly focused on experiences, and the value that a simplified, smooth journey or  can have on their life – this concept. has become a major focus of international brands across all sectors, and should equally be one in the retail industry.

A customer interaction begins when parking in your retail business, which applies to retail destinations of all sizes. From small independent shops to large retail parks, the first experience a customer has with your business is usually parking.

Have you ever visited your local retail park or supermarket, with a focused mind, ready to tick off something from your to do list, only to find yourself driving around endlessly looking for a place to park?

We work to eliminate this and ensure only true customers are parking within your car park.

Car parks that have a volume as high as retail businesses need a system and relevant solutions that are designed to help ensure a smooth operation with a hands-off approach. Park & Control creates a bespoke plan, specifically designed for your space, in order to ensure that the maximum value is derived from each parking space.

Don't let your car parking facility be the trigger for negative reviews and begin driving repeat customers to your business.

APCOA Connect, it's parking made simple for your guests

APCOA Connect is our easy way to pay for parking.

Whether your guest is running late for a meeting, doesn't have cash for the pay machines or simply wants to extend their parking session and stay on in your outlet without returning to their vehicle, APCOA Connect provides a quick, convenient, and hassle-free payment solution - no cash, no ticket, no stress

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Find out how we can help your retail business with:

  • Prevent unauthorised parking
  • Set up convenient payment solutions
  • Handle all relevant administration, charges and appeals
  • Drive incremental revenue to your business

Plus gain insights from our experience as part of Europe's biggest parking provider.

Turning your car park into a destination, with APCOA Urban Hubs

With our world-class Urban Hubs infrastructure, with value-add services such as distribution lockers and EV charging, we can, literally, drive footfall to your hotel and business.

Our Urban Hubs solutions improve mobility, champion electrification, integrate proximity and community services and turn your car park into a destination.

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"What I love most about Park & Control is how responsive they are to our requests, and how sensitive they are to our business needs. If we need a cancellation... it's done. If they notice a persistent unauthorised vehicle, they'll immediately check with us just in case we've left them off the exemption list by mistake. A really professional and experienced team"
— The Jolly Farmers, Purley

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