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Interview with Danny Bowers: Enhancing Car Park Management with Park & Control

Explore how how Park & Control has significantly enhanced car park management for Danny Bowers business and his customers in this success story.

Elevating Car Park Management: The Ethical Edge of Park & Control

Park & Control shines as a harbinger of change: we’ve taken it upon ourselves to not merely manage car parks but to infuse ethics into every aspect of our operations.

Park & Control taking on the Challenges in Car Park Management

At Park & Control, we’ve heard that call and taken it as an invitation to reimagine and reshape our approach to car park management.

Strengthening Community Bonds through Park & Control Ethical and Accessible Car Park Management

100's of UK Places Of Worship are renting car park spaces to drivers and generating Monthly profits on average in excess of £200. With no need for capital investment or time involved in its management.

URBAN HUBS Provide Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Parking

APCOA, Europe’s leading parking space operator, has launched APCOA URBAN HUBS to create an integrated ecosystem for the future-ready and sustainable use of parking spaces.

APCOA’s AutoPay solution surpasses 100,000 active users!

We are pleased to share that our parent company, APCOA's AutoPay technology surpassed the significant milestone of 100,000 active users.

APCOA delivers the first NHS multi-storey car park with integrated energy centre

An 800m² energy centre, architecturally engineered into the footprint of the multi-storey car park, provides capacity for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust to generate income and achieve environmental improvements.